Humbra USA Umbrella Review

When you’re out tailgating the sun can pound down causing you to seek shade. Most tailgaters opt for a pop up tent, but what if there was a GIANT tailgating umbrella that looked amazing and gave ample shade? We got our hands on the Humbra USA umbrella and put it to our Tailgating Challenge. Read on to learn more about the Humbra USA Umbrella Review.

Umbrella Features

-15X9 coverage area

-135 sq feet of shade

-100% polyester

-Fade and water resistant

-Made in the USA

Humbra USA on Truck

Umbrella Testing

The Humbra USA umbrella fits any standard 2 inch hitch receiver. We wanted to test this on both a truck and an SUV to see how it did.

First up, let’s take a look at an SUV. This 2018 Audi allowed us to install the Humbra USA umbrella in a matter of minutes and big time shade quickly followed. You can also see the rear hatch is able to fully open and close with no issues, with the umbrella attached (See Video Below).

Humbra Umbrella on SUV

Next up, we put this on the hitch of a few trucks and it also installed with ease and the tailgate was able to open fully. Speaking of installation you need to slide the hitch into the 2 inch hitch receiver. Make sure the side with the open hole is at the top. Next, you will screw the base of the umbrella pole to the main umbrella. Then slide the umbrella pole into the hitch mount. Finally, crank the umbrella open and you are all set. There are 2 screws in the hitch mount that you can tighten when you find the best spot for the umbrella. This will ensure it does not move/rotate.

This giant tailgating umbrella provided quite a bit of shade when the sun was near its highest points. When the sun gets lower on the horizon you can twist the umbrella to adjust the shade, but it does not have the ability to angle and battle the sun when it gets lower.

The set up for each application was a breeze and once you do it the first time it should take 1-2 minutes to get fully set up.


PROS: looks awesome, huge amount of shade, easy set up

CONS: doesn’t have the ability to angle to effectively shade when the sun gets lower on the horizon

Overall, this Humbra USA umbrella is the biggest tailgating umbrella that we have ever seen and makes people stand back and say wow. From the easy installation to the huge amount of shade, this is a product that you will see at our tailgates this fall.

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Humbra USA Umbrella Video Review

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Written By: Luke Lorick 7/5/21

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