Ice Jack Review

Warm beer sucks! I’ve seen people arrive at a tailgate with a case of lukewarm beer and then toss it in the cooler. Sure the beer will be fine in an hour, but what if you want a cold beer now? Have no fear in this Tailgating Challenge review we test out the Ice Jack to see if its claims of chilling beer in minutes is legit?

Ice Jack Features? 

Chills 32+ Cans per Charge

2 Minute Cycle Timer 

Waterproof & Submergible

LED’s Indicate Battery Level

Rechargeable Battery

Works with 12 oz cans, 16 oz cans and 12 oz bottles

What Did We Think?

The science behind the Ice Jack is sound as we have chilled beers and champagne with similar method over the years. The part that intrigued me was the Ice Jack would allow you to do this, hands free.

When we got our Ice Jack, I charged the battery up and you can see the lights that show the charge. Once it was fully charged you need a cooler with ice to activate the magic powers. Step 1 insert the beer (bottom of beer inserts into Ice Jack) then place it horizontally on a bed of ice. Push the start button and it starts spinning. It has a 2-minute timer for automatic cut off.

We took the Ice Jack to the tailgate and placed a 55-degree beer into the Ice Jack and let it run for 2 minutes. After two minutes we opened it up, no it didn’t explode, and tested the temperature, it was 11 degrees colder in 2 minutes! You can run it through multiple cycles if you want it even colder. The point is this thing works and works fast! Pro Tip: stack more ice around your beer as it spins for even better results.

The win for me is having a couple of these to get a few drinks cold fast, while your other drinks slowly get ice cold by sitting in the bottom of the cooler.


PROS: portable, chills beer fast, rechargeable battery
CONS: getting the beer securely in the Ice Jack takes a little practice

Overall, if you’re tired of warm beer and want it chilled fast then it’s time for the Ice Jack to save your tailgate.

Learn more and get your own by visiting ICE JACK.

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Ice Jack Beer Chiller Review

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Written By: Luke Lorick 10/2/23

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