Ice Made Clear Review

Ice, we don’t always talk about it, but it plays a big role when we are making craft cocktails. We’ve tested products for making Giant Ice Balls, but now you can make larger ice cubes that are almost crystal clear. Let’s dive into the Ice Made Clear Review and see how this fares in our Tailgating Challenge.

Why Should You Care?

-Drinks taste better

-Ice lasts longer

-Drinks less ‘watery’

-Drinks look amazing

Product Testing

When the Ice Made Clear came in it was in a soft material bag that housed the Ice Made Clear base as well as both the 1.25 inch and 2 inch ice trays.

To get started we cleared some space in our freezer to place the Ice Made Clear and then filled the blue base up 2/3rds of the way with warm water. Then put the ice tray of choice on top and continue filling until the trays are filled. One tip is to use warm, or hot water (NOT boiling water). This helps the ice come out more clear.

The warm water along with the Ice Made Clear system combine to help with directional freezing that allows the ice to get more clear than any ice I have seen before.

On our trial run I pulled out crystal clear cubes. I then put the used cubes back into the freezer and when I pulled them out a few days later the cubes were not as clear as they were from the initial pull out. This is a tip that bringing the Ice Made Clear in and out of the freezer could impact the visual quality of the ice cubes.

The Ice Made Clear ice cubes also lasted far longer than regular ice cubes from our freezer. This picture was taken over 2 hours after the ice was placed in the glass.

Ice Made Clear lasts longer than regular ice

We even added small pieces of fruit to the ice to really step up our craft cocktails. From lemon, limes, blueberries and strawberries you can take your cocktail to the next level with this pro tip.

Add fruit to your ice


PROS: really clear ice, ability to customize with adding fruit, ice lasts longer

CONS: some ice comes out clearer than others, Ice Made Clear takes up more freezer space than normal ice cube trays

Overall, if you love a craft cocktail that requires craft ice then the Ice Made Clear could be for you. Once you pop the first ice cube out the difference will be clear.

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Thanks for reading this far in our Ice Made Clear Review blog. Let us know your thoughts and questions below. Now watch our video showcasing Ice Made Clear.

Ice Made Clear Video Review

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Written By: Luke Lorick 4/14/21

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