IceShaker Review

I love working out and with that comes the thousands of protein shakes I’ve had over the years. Having a great protein shaker bottle is key when you’re on the go and need some protein. I’ve owned quite a few over the years and haven’t found a perfect one yet. Common issues I’ve found, they’re too small, they don’t mix well, they break, they don’t keep your drink cold. The list could go on. I was watching Shark Tank the other night and saw the IceShaker and knew I had to get my hands on it to test it out.

The IceShaker is a 26 ounce stainless steel tumbler that can mix up a protein shake. I haven’t seen a protein shaker that has been done in a stainless design before, but it’s great since it won’t break (I’ve dropped some shakers in the past that didn’t fare well) and it keeps the contents colder, for hours. The IceShaker has a built in agitator that can disconnect for easy cleaning. There is also a strap to making carrying a breeze and the lid is surrounded with an easy grip rubber. This rubber grip helps you securley tighten the lid even if you’re hands are wet or sweaty.  Inside the IceShaker are markings to show how much liquid you are pouring in. For some, this may come in handy when trying to pour the perfect shake. I just fill mine up to the top, regardless.

Ok so I’ve touched on why the IceShaker, on the surface, appears to be a step up from the sea of shakers on the market, but lets talk about my results in using the IceShaker. As mentioned, I drink a protein shake most days and I’m pretty familiar with shakers of all shapes and sizes. The stainless design of the IceShaker keeps your protein shakes cold for much longer than the average shaker. If you use ice then it also won’t sweat on the outside of the shaker. The Iceshaker does a good job of blending up protein powder with the build in agitator. It works well as a shaker too, a blender is still going to blend it up more smoothly, as no protein shaker will ever blend as well as a blender.

I also like the non-slip grip around the top of the lid. Even with wet hands you can get a good grip to ensure the lid is on properly. There is an attached loop that can make carrying the IceShaker easier. Let’s talk about clean up. The IceShaker’s body (stainless steel tumbler) can’t go in the dishwaster. You will need to wash that by hand. I do like that the agitator disconnects so you can get in there and get it cleaned more easily.

Luke this is all well and good for those that work out all the time and need protein shakes, but what about tailgating? How can the IceShaker make a tailgating event more fun? Glad you asked that question. The IceShaker can be used as a bartending tool! The IceShaker can allow you to shake up cocktails and pour them out for your friends, or make custom blended SHOTS that are cooled with ice to serve. Check out the video to see one of my old school drinks. I used to work out on Friday nights and then come home and get ready to go out to have some fun. I’d blend up protein shakes with vodka, so you could get buff and get ready to party, at the same time!

PROS: keeps drinks colder than most shakers, rubber grip on lid, good agitator for mixing

CONS: can’t be put in dishwasher, you can’t see how much drink is in the IceShaker

If you’re ready to SHAKE things up, then it’s time to step up to the IceShaker. From protein shakes to cocktails the IceShaker is ready for whatever you pour into it.

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