InnoChiller Review

Ever grabbed a beer that wasn’t quite cold enough for your tastes? I normally slide these into the freezer and wait, and wait to get it ice cold. What if there was a way to supercharge your freezer? There is thanks to InnoChiller.

The InnoChiller is a portable device that can get your drinks cold in record time. If you have a room temperature drink it can chill it, fast. If you have a cool drink but want it colder, if can help. The InnoChiller uses a fan to help bring out the most of your freezer.  The InnoChiller comes with 4 preset programs so you can simply load it up, hit a few buttons and then place in the freezer.

The InnoChiller comes with 4 timer programs:
* 3 cans – 9 min.  (Claim of 60 degrees down to 20 degrees F)
* 6 cans – 12 min.  (Claim of 60 degrees down to 35 degrees F)
* Wine – 11 min.   (Claim of 60 degrees down to 40 degrees F)
* Ice Cubes – 30 min

When the chilling process is complete a loud alarm, that sounds like a large truck in reverse, goes off to alert you to get your drinks out of the freezer.

The InnoChiller uses the power of your freezer to help cool off drinks faster. You do not have to put any ice, or water into the InnoChiller. Simply load the drinks, set the program, and place in freezer.

The claims of how cold they could get drinks seemed awesome, but are they accurate? We did a single can vs. can test in our independent test to see how well the InnoChiller would perform with this cooling CHALLENGE. Each beer started out at 75 degrees F. We place one beer into the freezer and the other beer into the InnoChiller. We set the program for 9 minutes and when the alarm went off it was time to see the results.

Now for the results:

-The beer that we only placed into the fridge got 12 degrees (F) cooler in 9 minutes

-The beer that we placed into the InnoChiller got 25 degrees (F) cooler in 9 minutes

That means the InnoChiller can help get drinks twice as cold, as a freezer alone in the same amount of time!

One thing that I think would be a cool upgrade is the ability to program exactly how long you want to set the InnoChiller for. This way you could fine tune to get to the exact temperature you want.

The InnoChiller also has the other super power of making ice. It comes with an ice tray that we filled with water and then selected the ice program on the screen. After 30 minutes the alarm went off and all the trays had ice. A few of the cubes needed a few minutes longer as their centers were a little slushy, but 75% was solid ice after the 30 minutes.

I always want to share that your results may vary depending on the starting temperature of your drinks, how cold your freezer is, etc.

After one course of making ice (30 minutes) and then 3 rounds of 9 minutes chilling the battery tapped out and we had to recharge. The InnoChiller can charge with the included micro sd charger and charges quick. In about 30 minutes its charged up and ready for more action.

Overall, this product didn’t quite live up to the claims that InnoChiller had, but it still works well to get drinks twice as cold then with just a freezer alone. We will be keeping this in our kitchen to help ensure we always have an ice cold drink ready to sip.

You can order your own on AMAZON

Check out the InnoChiller website for more information.

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We were NOT paid for this review. We never get paid to give our opinion so we can keep it honest. We were sent one unit to test out with the intention of giving our honest thoughts on.

Written By: Luke Lorick 8/22/20


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