Kamp Rite Off the Ground Tent Review

Tired of sleeping on the cold, hard ground in your tent? Have no fears the Kamp Rite off the ground tent cot is here to elevate your camping experience. This tent brings your camping experience off the ground in comfort you wouldn’t expect to find in a tent. Dare we say this Anniversary Tent Cot edition could be entry level glamping? Let’s find out more in the Kamp Rite off the ground tent review.

Kamp Rite Tent Features

-24 pounds

-Holds up to 300 pounds

-Storage bag

-1 person quick set up

-Internal storage pockets

-Mesh Windows to keep bugs out

Look who came by to check out the tent!

What Did We Think?

I had my eyes on the Kamp Rite tent for a few years and finally got one when they introduced their Anniversary edition. Having a tent that is off the ground to avoid rocks, cactus and mud seemed like a no brainer vs. the ‘standard’ tents that many use.

Our tent cot came in and it was loaded in a carrying case to make transportation easier. I will say this tent cot weighs in at 24 pounds, so it will not be a tent that you take for long backpacking trips. The set up of this tent is pretty quick, even for a first-time user. The legs flip out, the sides fold out and then you adjust the strap on each end to secure it. Pro Tip: make sure both legs are fully extended before getting into the tent.

The tent cot has 4 dual sided zipper windows that you can put down for privacy, or roll up to use the mesh style windows. These windows will help keep the bugs out, the breeze coming through and a 360 view of your surroundings. The zippers are extremely smooth and easy to use both inside of the tent and outside.

Finally, let’s talk comfort. My initial reaction when I first got into the tent cot was: “Wow this is dang comfortable”! Even with no extra pads or sleeping bags I was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable it was. There was plenty of space for taller individuals. At 6 feet tall I still had plenty of room from head to toe that would accommodate larger campers too. There is also a storage pouch in the ceiling for you to keep your phone, light, etc.


PROS: comfortable, easy setup, mesh windows, (they also make a 2-person tent)
CONS: size/weight make it prohibitive to use if backpacking

Overall, this is a tent that can provide a glamping style experience at the fraction of the cost that you’d imagine. Whether you’re camping or want a place for friends to rest at a tailgate, check out Kamp Rite for elevated tent experiences.

Learn more and get your own by visiting KAMP RITE.

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Written By: Luke Lorick 5/31/23

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