Kan Jam Review

So many tailgating games to choose from outside of the normal cornhole or beer pong. Today, let us take a look at a fun unique game that is really catching on: Kan Jam.
Kan Jam is a game that requires you and a partner to take on the field. The name of the product: Kan Jam explains how you play the game. You JAM the frisbee into the KAN, pretty simple right. Well it may be a little harder than that in reality.  If I’m throwing the frisbee my job is to try and get it in the Kan, or close enough where my partner can Jam it in (you can NOT grab it and place it in). Think tapping the frisbee down to get it in the Kan.

The game comes with the two (2) kans, that can fold flat, and one (1) frisbee. Giving that the kans fold flat the game is super easy to get to the tailgate and very light. The problem can arise if its a windy day. I live in Texas and there are windy days more often than not.  The wind can knock over the Kan and make throwing the frisbee with any precision, difficult.  Some type of mounting system or some added weight to the bottom of the Kan could help on these windy days.

The Kan Jam game is fun especially when you get to JAM it home. Watch the video to see how my partner SLAMMED my frisbee toss into the Kan. #Boomshakalaka

PROS: portable, light, fun to play
CONS: hard to play on windy days

Overall, if you’re ready to play a fun new game and SLAM the competition, then it is time you check out KAN JAM.

Get yours HERE

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