Kangaroozie Review

If you’re like me you have quite a few koozies. During my tailgating travels I have seen pretty much every unique koozie there is, but I just came across something I had never seen before in a koozie: a waterproof pouch! The Kangaroozie has a waterproof pouch built in to the koozie. It can help keep your keys, credit cards, money and more dry while you enjoy a day at the pool.

The Kangaroozie is the koozie with the waterproof pouch. You can see inside the pouch too as it has a clear window on the outside. The Kangaroozie comes in blue and red currently. This can be perfect for those days at the pool, lake or beach when you don’t want to worry about leaving your wallet unattended while you take a dip.

I got one of each of the Kangaroozies in to test and first off they look cool and very different. I then started to see what I could fit in this pouch. You can fit keys, credit cards, cash and more into.  Things that can’t fit: cell phones, full wallets, keys with the keyless entry fob.  I put some of these items into each of the Kangaroozies and then off to the pool.

The pouch on these is secured with a clasp that clip and provides a secure and water tight fit. I pulled the Kangaroozies under water and there was zero water that got into the compartment, so this works flawlessly. The Kangaroozies do float, but there is a downside. They won’t float while keeping your beer straight up. Meaning that if you let go the beer will start to spill into the water. It would be great if they could counter balance these, so that it could keep the drink upright and floating.

PROS: waterproof, stylish
CONS: can’t hold a phone and won’t float straight up, won’t hold a bottle.

Overall, if you’re in love with the water then this koozie has your name written all over it. I want to know what are you going to put in the pouch?


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