Kijaro Canopy Hammock Review

We all work hard, right? So it’s ok to relax! We recently got in the Kijaro Canopy Hammock that is way more portable than you think, so you can relax just about anywhere.

The hammock comes in a backpack (it weighs about 30 pounds) so while its not the lightest backpack to carry around it is still doable to set up your hammock at the ultimate relaxation spot.

The Kijaro hammock can be used as a regular style hammock, or you can also add the canopy if you’re trying to keep the sun off. The hammock has two built in cup holders and a small zip up cooler. It even has a removable pillow that can snap on so it won’t fall off or blow away.

The hammock is comfortable and has less give than some hammocks I’ve used. I compare it to a soft vs. a firm mattress.

I’ve left this out in my yard during multiple big Texas storms the past few weeks and it didn’t blow away, it hasn’t weathered and still looks brand new. The only thing is that that the cooler filled up with rain water, but that was easy to fix.

PROS: comfortable, portable, has a removable canopy, cup holders, cooler, pillow, multiple color choices.
CONS: Fully loaded backpack with all parts is about 30 pounds (on a side note I have taken out the canopy parts to just use the hammock and it really lightens the load) hammock is firmer, so if you prefer a hammock to sink into then this may not be the one for you.

Overall, this is a very cool hammock. With the ability to have a canopy, a backpack to carry and multiple luxury items (cup holders, cooler, pillow) this is a great product if you’re ready to take your relaxation to the next level.

Get yours HERE

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