Kijaro Kubie Reivew

I love products that can do more than one thing. Versatility is big in today’s market and the Kijaro Kubie does WAY more than just ONE thing.

The Kijaro Kubie is the all everything to keep you warm and have fun outside. When it arrived it was in one of it forms already: the pillow. You can then unfold it to use it as a variety of items. It can be a hoodie, a sleeping bag, a blanket and even a hammock!

It has a water resistant coating, so there are no worries if mother nature decides to drop a little percipitation on you. It is also lined with fleece to keep you warm and has built in hammock straps, so you can hang out.

The Kubie weighs about 3.5 pounds and when you unfold it, it does not feel super thick. I say that, to say that it keeps you warmer than I anticipated when in use. I used it as a sleeping bag and enjoyed the warmth it provided. It can then eaily unfold into being a blanket or a hoodie.

Check out the video (below) to watch a few of the uses that can be done with the Kijaro Kubie.

This can come in handy whether you are out camping or at a late season tailgating event.

PROS:  light, multiple uses, warmer than you’d think, water resistant
CONS: They should make a ‘couples’ version that is big enough to fit TWO in the sleeping bag, hammock etc:)

I’ll be keeping this in the truck to have on hand should the weather ever turn while I’m out. You always need to be prepared, especially if you’re with someone who is cold natured.

The only question I have for you is: How will you use your Kubie?

You can get your Kubie HERE

tailgating 2

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