King of Beer Pong Review

King Of Beer Pong Kit
As football season is now here its time to start thinking about how to take tailgating to the next level! has taken beer pong to the next level with these new kits. Each kit comes with 16 oz stainless steel cups and championship quality ping pong balls.
When I saw these I wasn’t sure about them until I got them in. Figured I still want to use the old red solo cups, but when I got them in that all changed. No need to worry about your cups getting crushed because the cups are pure stainless steel. The ping pong balls are well designed and look really good. If you play beer pong at your tailgating site then this kit is the way to go.
No need to keep buying cups because these cups will last forever, they look  good and will draw attention to your tailgating spot, and it’s just more fun. You can also customize your cups with a company name or your tailgating group name.
The only real con is the price is more than red solo cups, but when you actually think about the cost of the stainless steel it makes sense. If you play a lot you’ll eventually spend more in plastic cups.
Overall, if you’re ready to upgrade and take your game and style to the next level then please check these out. You can even get them in our webstore!

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