Kooler Kube Review

We all need ice! Simple but truthful statement. From tailgating to camping you have to have the cold stuff in your cooler to keep your food and drinks cold. I don’t know about you, but I hate having to buy ice every time I load my cooler up. What if there was an option that is reusable and actually stays colder LONGER than ice?
If you know me then you know I wouldn’t tease you without having something that fills that need. I recently found out about Kooler Kube’s and these are plastic bottles you fill with water and then freeze. I know you’re thinking, Luke that’s just a bigger block of ice, nothing special. You would be right, but there is a secret ingredient in these cubes that mixes with the water and actually keeps the water frozen longer! The company TBK Industries claims 50% longer.

I filled a few of these 64 oz. Kooler Kubes up and let the mixture activate for about 10 minutes. Then you place these in the feezer and let freeze for at least 24 hours. When you pull the Kooler Kube out it doesn’t look any different that a frozen jug of water, until you put it in the cooler and let some time pass.
I tested the Kooler Kube along side a similar sized jug of ice (without the secret ingredient) and let some time pass. I wrapped these both with a towel and left them out while I went to work at 7am. Now you will likely ask why leave them out vs. putting them in a cooler (I did that too), but during the summers we give our bunnies ice packs so they can cool off during the day.
When I returned home the Kooler Kube was still partially frozen (I’d estimate about 35%), while the regular jug of water was totally melted. The Kooler Kubes work!
In addition to using Kooler Kubes to cool your pets off, you can also toss a few in the bottom of your cooler to keep your drinks cold all day long. I put one of these in my small cooler, with no other ice, and wow my drinks actually stayed cold with just one of these in the cooler, for hours.
Another way to use these when you’re ready to get super serious about keeping a large cooler cold for a LONG time is loading a few of these Kooler Kubes in the bottom of the cooler and then putting some ice on top. It will help keep the regular ice from melting and you may even see the ice attach to the Kooler Kube and form a giant block of ice that won’t melt for days.

At the end of the day the Kooler Kube will pay for itself, quickly, as you can reuse it over and over again. These Kooler Kubes will stay frozen longer than plain ice/water alone and heck even my bunnies approve of this.
If you’re ready to step you chill game up then its time to check out the Kooler Kubes.
You can also buy just the secret ingredient: KoolerGel so you can put these in your own sized jugs.

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