KoreSelect Ginseng Review

I’ve been big into health and wellness since the 8th grade. Yes, I know that sounds Crazy, but my mom got me a gym membership in 8th grade and it grew from there. I’ve tried numerous vitamins and supplements over the years and some work great while others, not so much. I don’t share reviews of supplements on here much, but with COVID-19, cold/flu season, and a host of other stressors of 2020 I thought I’d share my experience with KoreSelect Ginseng.

I’ve heard about ginseng and even used it a few times over the years, but one thing I learned as I got older (and wiser) was that not all supplements are created equal. The KoreSelect ginseng is grown for 6 years to achieve the best results of their ginseng. I was also surprised to learn that they have been producing ginseng since 1899! History means something when it comes to a product like this and they have a great history on their side.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that ginseng may provide:


-Healthy Immune Function

-Healthy Brain Function

-Healthy Blood Circulation

-May Reduce Inflammation

-May Have Benefits Against Cancer

I was taking this ginseng for overall wellbeing and I knew going in that ginseng was not one of those supplements that you can FEEL. Many people new to supplements think they need to feel something when they take it, or it’s not working. This is not always the case, as it depends on what you are taking. With ginseng it’s the long game that you have to keep in mind. Go into taking a supplement like this for at least a month(longer is even better) to gauge your personal results.

I started taking KoreSelect Energy ginseng 6 weeks ago. I’ll start by saying that I’m a pretty healthy and energetic guy, so there won’t be a story about how I wasn’t motivated to work out and this gave me insane energy to work out each day. I will say that I do work out each day and I track my gym results with personal bests. During the time of taking KoreSelect I broke NUMEROUS lifting records and had great sense of wellbeing. As I share in the video review, below, I can’t say that everything is attributed to this ginseng, but I think it is a piece of the puzzle.

The KoreSelect Energy version is a liquid form that comes in individual servings. I take these as a shooter and it is a unique flavor. Not all are going to like the flavor, but you can mix with some juice to cut the flavor. The flavor to me is spicy and earthy. The more I take it the more I strangely enjoy the flavor.

Overall, I’m a fan of this KoreSelect ginseng and I wanted to share this review as I know it could potentially help others. With so much emphasis on staying well, maybe this is another piece for your personal puzzle for overall health.

Learn more and get your own by visiting KoreSelect

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We NEVER get paid for our review. This way we can keep it real with you. We were provided a sample to give our honest opinions on.

Written By: Luke Lorick 11/3/20

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