Korin Design Clipack PRO Review

I love a good backpack and I need one when I’m at work, or potentially at a tailgate. You know me, I enjoy something that does more than average. The Clickpack Pro backpack from Korin Design has a few extra goodies that make it a safe way to protect what’s in your backpack too.

The Clickpack Pro has tons of different compartments to store your laptop, to camera, to keys (built in keyring) and even umbrella compartment. This is great, but all backpacks can carry things. Lets check out some of the things that make this Clickpack PRO special:

-Water Repellent outer shell to keep your electronics dry

-Phone/Electronics charger on the outside (does require a power source/battery to be included in the interior pocket)

-Retractable metal wire lock. You can lock up your backpack so people can’t take off with it. (see the video below)

-Slash resistant fabric. Since a thief can’t run off with it they may try to cut into it and the outside is slash resistant

-Zipper lock. No one can open your bag and look inside of it. 

In testing the water does repel off the outer shell. I did not dunk or submerge in water, as I don’t think it will hold up to going under water. The knife proof material works well with slashing motions with a sharp knife, but can still be punctured should you ‘poke’ at it. The Zipper lock and retractable metal wire lock work, but you have to ensure you have them set up properly. It can appear that this set, but it may not be and then the entire safety system fails (so test it before you walk away).

PROS: water repellant, ability to charge your phone, locking system, lots of different pockets for storage.
CONS: the locking system take a moment to set correctly and needs to be tested before you walk away (in one of the videos we shot I thought it was se,t but then the ‘theif’ ran off with the bag!) It was user error, but good to note to ensure you are safe! It would also be nice if the bag came with a built in charging system for your phone/electronics.

In using the Clickpack Pro it has a pocket for everything and the laptop portion is shock proof to better protect your computer. This is a great backpack if you ever plan to have it off in public and need to lock it up, so no one takes off with your possessions. All it needs now is a cooler compartment to throw a few beers in to be the ultimate tailgating backpack!

Get yours today HERE

tailgating 2

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