Kysek Code Blue Cooler Review

Coolers Coolers Everywhere! There are so many coolers for you to choose from, but how do you decide? The Kysek cooler does something different to help sway you.
The team at Kysek produces an ice chest that will keep ice for days (4 days to be exact in the Texas Summer heat) but they add the Code Blue bluetooth device that will report back to your phone the conditions inside of your cooler!
The Kysek cooler comes in a variety of sizes from 25L to 150L and they can also hook you up with great college color combos (like the LSU inspired chest seen in the video)  As stated, this cooler can hold its own against other coolers, being that it can hold ice and keep contents cold for 4 days in intense heat. The Code Blue bluetooth is an upgrade style option that you can purchase to add to many coolers that they make. It snaps into the lid of the cooler and then you download an app on your phone to get it to report back to your smart phone.
The app can tell you the temperature of the cooler and even alerts you if it reaches a critical temperature.
I love the idea of this as its a fun new way to add technology to a cooler to give you info at your fingertips and in today’s world we want more information on our smartphones, like right NOW!
While the concept is good, they still need to work on the accuracy of the information the Code Blue reports. You can see in my video the Code Blue reported a temperature that was much higher (I measured it when the cooler was closed) than when we actually measured it with a cooking thermometer. I think if it was somewhere in the bottom of the cooler the results would look much different.

PROS: great idea with the Code Blue bluetooth device, coolers come in wide range of sizes and color combos. Great cooling power!
CONS: Additional work needs to be done with the placement/accuracy to ensure accurate temperature results

Overall, this is a great cooler for doing what coolers do best keep your ice. If you’re looking for a cooler that will keep ice for days in the summer then visit Kysek to learn more.

*These opinions are mine and mine alone, your individual results may vary. These coolers are not affiliated with the NCAA or LSU University. 

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