Lamzac Review

If you love to tailgate then I know you know how to not only have a great time, but also how to relax like a champ. We recently got to test out the popular Lamzac to take our tailgate and chill to the next level.
The Lamac is essentially a super portable air chair that you don’t need an air pump for! The Lamzac can compress into a small bag for easy portability and to make it into an air chair you just need to wave it through the air.
Let’s walk through how we did ours.
Step 1: take it out of the sack and unroll it
Step 2: wave it through the air to fill up air chamber 1
Step 3: repeat step two to fill up the second air chamber
Step 4: roll it down and click the latch
Step 5: time to relax
The first few times I did it I didn’t think I was getting enough air, but if you simply roll it down it will show you how much air is really in there to sit on.

PROS: light, variety of colors, easy to transport, comfortable
CONS: It will likely take you a few times to getting the hang of setting it up.

Overall: After a few tries it’s really pretty easy, no air pumps, one person job. The question is where will you use it!?
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How to fill with air:

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