LawnCH Game Review

Ready for another new yard game? Of course you are! We love checking out the latest and greatest in the yard game world and today we get to review the LawnCH game.

The LawnCH game: Pronounced “LAUNCH” is the new yard game that combines cornhole and darts. No there are no darts or cornhole bags. These are replaced with hacky sacks and golf tees (for keeping score). We got our LawnCH game in and here is what you will get in the box:

What’s Included

-Two LawnCH boards

-One carrying sack that includes: 3 hacky sacks, the legs (4) for the boards and the golf tees for keeping score

When we test out new games we love to see if they will work for the tailgating, or homegating event. To test this out we first set up the LawnCH boards in the parking lot. We let the sacks fly outdoors and then brought the game inside to keep the game going as it was COLD outside.

Let’s talk about the rules for LawnCH game:

Rules of Play

-Set boards 15 feet apart for beginners and 18 feet apart for the pros

-Each player throws the 3 sacks and the opponent keeps score

-Like Darts you are trying to close out each number (2 spots per number)

-A bullseye is needed to close out/win the game. A bullseye prior to having all of your numbers cleared out will allow you to pick any number you want fully cleared out

-Sacks can’t hit the ground before landing on the board, or its a ‘dead’ sack

We started getting our game on and quickly liked the fact that there were so many scoring opportunities on the board, at first. As you clear your numbers you may have a nice shot that won’t actually help you win the game. The bullseye is tough to hit. This bullseye, to me, is much harder than getting a cornhole bag in the hole. This is when the game can stall out. You can clear out all of your numbers, but once you do this you have to then hit a bullseye.

Next up, we love doing fun trick shots on any yard game we get. We did a variety of solo and assisted tosses that you may enjoy in the below video. Let us know your favorite.

Overall, this was a fun game that starts with plenty of scoring opportunities. These get smaller and smaller as you play on. This is what keeps people engaged, as they can start off strong and then challenge increases as they start to clear the board.

Learn more and get your own game by visiting LawnCH

LawnCH Game Review

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Written By: Luke Lorick 11/17/20

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