Lay-Z-Spa Paris Review

Let me ask you a question: Have you ever seen someone not smile while sitting in a hot tub? Probably not.
Hot tubs are awesome, but did you know the average hot tub costs $5,000! We recently had the chance to review the Lay-Z-Spa Paris edition from Bestway. This is an inflatable hot tub that gives you many of the luxury features of your traditional hot tub for a fraction of the cost.
First, lets talk about set up. The box comes with everything you need except for the chlorine tablets for the floater (I picked some up at Walmart). I’d budget about an hour to set up the hot tub. To keep the steps simple. Unpack the box, inflate the hot tub, inflate the lid, string the LED lights through the underside of the hot tub,hook up the plumbing and fill with water. None of these steps were hard and I was able to set up the entire tub without assistance of another set of hands. Once you have filled with water (put your chemical floater in at this time) set the control for the temp desired and wait. It will take about 24 hours to heat the water to the max temp of 104 F Degrees.
Fast forward a day. You can see the temp in the digital display has reached the max temp and its time to get in and have fun.

PROS: hot tub luxury at fraction of cost, color changing LED lights, it will get the water nice and hot
CONS: Some of our LED lights went out during the first use (Bestway is sending more) There is no custom seats or adjustable jets in the hot tub, if the jets are on the heater will be off (so the longer the bubbles are on the more the temp will go down) I’d also like to see the LED lights hook up directly with the pump for power(currently you need two electrical outlets one for the pump and one for the lights)

Overall, my wife and I are pleasantly surprised with how nice this hot tub is and how much we want to use it. Currently these are less than $500.00 so its safe to say if you want a hot tub and don’t want to spend $5,000 or more then click the link below.
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