Leather Head Sports Review

There is just something about the smell of fresh leather. I love it. You know what I also love: FOOTBALL. I just got a hand stitched, custom, leather football from the team at LeatherHead Sports. They specialize in custom footballs using top notch materials. The have fine leather, but also suede, ostrich and more.

I worked with the team at LeatherHead Sports to help design a beautiful custom football that has our Tailgating Challenge logo in large print and underneath that “Home of National Tailgating Day” After I confirmed the print I was stoked and awaiting to see what they final product would look like.

The football arrived and when I opened the package up the football was contained in a soft drawstring bag to protect the precious contents. After removing the bag I could smell the wonderful aroma of fresh leather and saw my logo etched into the the leather of the football. I didn’t want to put the ball down, I love this football and honestly I just want to hold it and toss it all day!

The great thing about this football is that its a perfect display piece to show off your business, but it can also get down to business for a game of catch.

PROS: high quality, great smell, looks great, ability to customize, unique materials
CONS: Given the darkness of the leather the custom logo doesn’t ‘pop’ as much as it would with a lighter version of leather

Overall, I’m proud of this ball and want to show it off. If you are looking for custom football, baseball or basketball the team at LeatherHead Sports can make you an amazing product that you’ll be pumped about. I just saw a blue alligator skin baseball on their site that is calling my name…..

Get your own custom hand crafted football from Leather Head Sports here:

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