Light N Go Bonfire Review

There is something about a warm fire going on a crisp evening that really gets my mind right. Since the dawn of time man has been fascinated with fire. From keeping warm, to cooking food, fire helped man survive. We still use fire for those things today, but there are easier ways to start a fire in todays world. The Light N Go Bonfire is one of the easiest ways to start a fire that we have found.

The Light N Go Bonfire is the portable solution to start a great fire in seconds. The Light N Go Bonfire is essentially part of a tree that has been cut in a star design in the center of the log. There is even a rope handle that you can grab to make portability a breeze. In the center is a fire starter that you light and then sit back and watch it go to work. After you light the Light N Go Bonfire you watch the small flame continue to grow and grow until its a nice fire.

*Check the video below to watch how to start this up and how big the fire gets at it’s peak.*

Features of the Light N Go Bonfire:
-Lights with one match
-No chemicals, all natural
-paperboard Firestarter
-1.5-2.5 hours of fire
-built in handle for portability

After lighting this up I waited a few minutes and wondered if it was going to get bigger as it seemed to take a few minutes to get going. As the minutes passed I looked inside the center of the wood and you could see that it was fully burning all through the center of the log. As it burned from the inside out it continued to get bigger and bigger. With that came more warmth and the ability to then easily roast some marshmallows! Side note, aren’t s’mores the best camping food ever?

As I sat back in my rocking chair and enjoyed the warmth on a cool evening I wondered how long this fire log would burn? The answer: right around 2 hours of flame.

The Light N Go Bonfire is an easy way to start your next fire. Whether it’s in your backyard, at the tailgate or out camping it’s as simple as one match and poof hours of good fire.


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