Light Up Your Cooler

When the sun goes down the party does not have to stop. Unfortunately, it can be a challenge to see what types of beers are in your cooler when the sun goes down. You end up trying to get your cell phone to light up the cooler and you leave the cooler open far too long while searching for the drink you wanted. We got our hands on the Idealife waterproof LED light and it turned our cooler into a night time party zone.

The Idealife light was built for a variety of uses from fish tanks, hot tubs, and of course coolers! Given we are all about tailgating this will focus on why this is such a easy solve to those night time parties that are thrown each weekend. We got our light in and unscrewed the light to access the control panel. This is where you can charge up the light with micro SD cord (no batteries needed!) and where you can cut the unit on and off.

We charged our light up and then hit the on button and LET THERE BE LIGHT. Before putting this into the cooler we made sure the backing was screwed on tight. This is the only way the unit will have a problem, if you don’t screw it on tight. We buried it in the ice and then pulled out the remote control. Yes this has a remote control that you can set a timer, select your favorite color, or have it run through a program to show off all the colors in the spectrum.

Check out the video below to see this light in action.

In our tests the light would run for a little over two hours on a single charge, this would be my only feedback on the light in having a slightly stronger battery to allow the party to go on well past sunset.

Overall, this is an inexpensive way to make your cooler the talk of the party when the sun goes down.

You can get your own cooler light for under $25.00 by CLICKING HERE

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Written by: Luke Lorick 7/12/20

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