LighterBalls Review

If you’re like me then you love a great fire. The warm glow, friends gathered around, maybe some s’mores? Its a great part of cool weather. Sometimes it can be challenging to get the fire going, but not with LighterBalls.
Lighterballs came in a pack of 6 that will help start 6 fires for you. When I tested it, I lit one of the LighterBalls and placed it around a few smaller sticks and then built a few larger logs over the top. Within a few moments we had a nice blaze going. I watched the LighterBalls at the bottom of the fire and they did in fact burn for the noted 15 minutes.

PROS: easy to use, gets the fire going quickly, small and portable
CONS: As a reminder these are just a firestarter and not a full log that will burn and take the place of logs.

Overall, this product worked as advertised and quickly got the fire going. If you want to look like the fire pit boss at your next get together get a box of these and get ready to sit back and enjoy the warm blaze.

Get yours HERE

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