Lit Handlers Review

We LOVE koozies and have tested a plethora of can coolers to see which ones can live up to our tailgating challenge. The Lit Handlers koozie caught our eye with a built in handle on the koozie. Let’s dive into the Lit Handlers review to see if we can get a grip on our drinks.


  • Unique colors
  • Ability to customize with logo/brand
  • Built in handle
  • Handle has small, secret pocket
  • Wide variety of sizes to fit all types of beers and even tumblers

Lit Handlers Testing

The Lit Handlers team put our Tailgating Challenge logo on a variety of different sized koozies, so we could get our tailgating testing on. Our favorite color was the tie dyed color and we were impressed with the wide variety of bright colors they offered in their koozies. The colors and style passed the visual test with flying colors.

Next up, we check out the sizes. I’m a big craft beer fan and beers come in a variety of different sizes from bottles, slim cans, pints, bombers and ever 40+ ounce editions. Each of the Lit Handlers koozies fit the cans and bottles like a glove. The largest offering can fit tumblers and even 40+ ounce beers (now you can ditch that brown paper bag:)) The Lit Handlers also passed the size tests and they have a koozie to fit any beer you can throw at it.

Finally, lets focus on the handle that is built into each of these Lit Handlers koozies. These neoprene handles give you a different way to get a grip on your drink. When testing this we found ourselves going back and forth from using the handle to simply grabbing the drink like normal. The handle does work well and easy to drink from. The handle also has a small pocket that can hold things like chapstick or cash.


Pros: ability to customize, built in handle, bold colors

Cons: found ourselves not always using the handle when picking up the drink

Overall, we are fans of the Lit Handlers Koozies. The stylish colors and our giant logo on the side of each can cooler made these pass the eye test. The koozies kept the drinks chilled, while the handle ensured a proper grip on our beer.

Learn more and get a handle on your beverage by visiting LIT HANDLERS

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Written By: Luke Lorick 2/21/21

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