LOGO Chair Review

Have you ever been to a tailgate and not seen a plethora of collapsible canvas chairs? Yea, we haven’t either. Tailgating is all about relaxing and having a great time. What better way to relax than in a nice comfy chair? We had the opportunity to review the Deluxe Chair from LOGO chairs and Deluxe is definitely the way to go.

When the chair arrived we opened it, and sure it looked good out of the box, but the chair didn’t, at first glance, look any different than the numerous other chairs we have all plopped down in over the years.  We were wrong.  The chair has not only your favorite team logo on the front, but also on the back, as well.  The back side of the chair even has a mesh storage compartment to store your various tailgating goodies.  The armrests are actually adjustable so you can find that exact point where you and ergonomics intertwine. What’s more is that the bottom and the back of the chair are all one piece of double layered 600 denier canvas material. So that sounds fancy, but what makes it better? This material will easily hold up to 300 pounds and being in one solid piece it just feels better when you sit down than the other chairs that have a separate back piece and bottom piece.  The chair has an increased sitting area(23.5″ X 23.5″), again for added comfort and comes standard with dual cup holders. You always need a spare cup holder to keep your next drink handy!   They also give you a color matched bag with your teams logo on it to carry the chair to your tailgate in style! These chairs also come in sizes for toddlers, the regular canvas chair, the Deluxe (that we reviewed), and the big boy chair.

Pros: sturdy, ergonomics, logos on front and back, storage compartment in the rear, heavy duty material.
Cons: no options to further customize your chair

All in all we became more impressed with this chair the longer reviewed. Little features that you don’t see on your average chair make this chair King in a sea of average canvas chairs that are normally floating around your local tailgate.

Visit: http://www.logochairs.com/  for more information and to find a retailer near you!

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