Luminoodle Review

Light is everything and the in thing. From lighted coolers to light up cornhole boards, if you have light you have success. The creators of the Luminoodle understand this concept and came up with the idea that rocked Kickstarter recently.
The Luminoodle is essentially a noodle of led lights. Its water-proof, it has hooks to hang it, it has magnet to stick it. What’s better is that it is USB powered. This means it will plug into any USB port and provide light.  Well what if I don’t have a USB port nearby? No worries, there is a portable battery pack that can provide days worth of power to your device and also has a high output light and the ability to charge your phone!

The possibilities on how and where to use this light are endless. Its all up to you and your imagination.

PROS: waterproof, USB powered, back up battery pack

CONS: 1.Would be nice to have the USB cord be retractable,
2. If the noodle was bendable and would hold the shape that you bend it
3. If there was a way this could be solar powered to not have a battery pack attached.
4.The ability for it to change colors or come in different light colors would also be awesome.

Overall great concept and if they continue to update the technology this will be a game changer in the future.

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