Max Cooler Companion Review

We all need a good companion in life. From a spouse, to a pet, companions make our life better. The same can be said when it comes to a cooler. Coolers get lonley and may need a companion, like the Max Cooler Companion.

Ok so, coolers don’t actually get lonely, but you can make your cooler better with a companion such as the Max Cooler Companion. The Max Cooler Companion is a cooler insert that was originally designed for fishermen to keep their bait out of the ice. They then learned that this could be helpful for a much bigger audience than just fishermen. How many times do you put food in your cooler? If you only put beer in your cooler then this product is not for you, but if you put produce, sandwiches, or other food related products into your cooler then this product could save the day.

The Max Cooler Companion is a tray that sits on top of the ice in your current cooler. They come in different sizes to fit the cooler you already have. You can load them up with different food items to keep them out of the ice and water. This is the part that resonated with me. I remember in my early tailgating days I’d load my cooler up with some beer and then just throw sandwiches and other snacks in the top of the cooler. This normally didn’t create the best sandwich, as water got in it and who likes a wet sandwich?! I know I don’t and neither did the team at Max Cooler Companion.

The Max Cooler Companion is also powdercoated, so when you pull it out, it will not absorb the heat from the sun. This helps keep the cooler contents cold longer. You can also stack the Max Cooler Companions to maximize the entire cooler open space of the cooler. This is good as you can get more food in your cooler and off the ice, but it also can actually help keep your cooler colder! When you reduce the open space in a cooler it can actually help the ice in the cooler keep the contents colder. Feel free to stack these up to the top of the cooler and let your cooler keep it ice cold.

I tested the ones we were sent (see the video below) and used them with the brand new Nomad Cooler. I filled the Max Cooler Companion up with meat, cheeses and produce. I then placed the Max Cooler Companion on top of the ice in the cooler. It is super easy to use and it won’t damage the inside of your cooler. When you want something out of the cooler you can pull the tray out and grab a drink that is below it and then place it back in the cooler. It is light and it works.

It also has a cutting board that sits across the top of the tray that you can use to cut bait, or to chop up your meats and veggies prior to cooking out.

The one tip you need to remember is that you will still need to drain your cooler of excess water or the water could come into the tray. 

PROS: easy to use, helps keep food cold while not getting it wet. Cutting board included.

CONS: NO real cons. I’d suggest they put their actual name somewhere on the product so others can learn who they are when they see these in use .

Overall, this is a functional product that would be a great companion for your cooler. No it’s not the sexiest product and it likely won’t be the viral product of the year, but this is a product that can add value to your life. Check them out and see for yourself.


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