Mighty Mug Review

A fallen glass. A spilled drink. An Accident.

These happen everyday and they can really bring the party to a halt. If you’ve ever broken a glass (who hasn’t) then you know the pain of not only spilling your drink, but then having to clean up the shards of glass that are EVERYWHERE! Mighty Mug came out with a cup that can help with spilled drinks and broken glasses.

The Mighty Mug is the cup with a suction cup bottom. You’re likely thinking that if it has a suction cup bottom won’t it be hard to pick up? With quick release technology you don’t even know that the suction cup is there, when you pull straight up on the Mighty Mug. The suction only comes into play when the cup is hit from the side. Are you that person that has accidentally knocked over your drink with a sudden motion? Maybe you’re the person that talks with your hands and sometimes with this animation you have struck your cup and knocked it over? This is where the Mighty Mug can help.

We got two testers from Mighty Mug to put these through the Tailgating Challenge and challenge the Mighty Mug we did. We slapped them, punched them, and drove around with them on the car to give you the REAL story about just how MIGHTY these mugs are.

In our first tests with punching we quickly learned that if you want to knock over the Mighty Mug you will be able to. A true punch and the Mighty Mug will fall. It should be noted that the Mighty Mug was not intended to take a punch, but we had to see.

Next up, lets do some bumping and slapping of the Mighty Mug. With small bumps and slaps the Mighty Mug will bounce back and not fall over. Again with enough force the Mighty Mug will go down. We tested and the Might Mug was able to take 5 pounds of pressure before the suction cup would fail.

Next up we hooked up the Mighty Mug on top of our car because so many people forget and place their cup on top of the vehicle while they are getting the car loaded. They forget to put it in the car and then it could fall off the top of the vehicle. During our tests we found that the Mighty Mug did not do well in these road tests and continued to fall over with even light braking, or acceleration. We do not recommend this test on the open road. Our test was completed on a closed roadway at speeds of less than 10mph.

One of our Mighty Mugs unfortunately failed after 24 hours of use and the suction cup no longer works. While it’s still a nice mug it is now just like all of the other tumblers we have as the MIGHTY part of the mug broke. Our other test mug is still working perfectly, but this is concerning. I checked the Mighty Mug website and they do guarantee these for life, so that does ease my worries for any of our fans that purchase these. A lifetime warranty is always a good thing!

Might Mugs also boasts the following features:

-BPA Free
-Car Cup Friendly
-DishWasher Safe
-100% Happiness Guaranteed Policy

Overall, the Mighty Mug is a cup for those that have a propensity to spill their drinks. The idea is a great one, but we still feel these MIGHTY MUGS could be MIGHTIER!

If you want a mug that is MIGHTY then check out: https://themightymug.com/

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Mighty Mug sent us a sample with the understanding to get our honest review of their cups.

Written by: Luke Lorick 12/28/19

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