Mingle Easy Plates Review

When you’re out tailgating it’s all hands on deck. You need your hands to have fun and enjoy the tailgate, not fumble around with your food and drinks. That’s why the Mingle Easy plate was invented.
The Mingle Easy tailgating plates help hold your food and drink all in ONE hand. That is correct: your food and your drink in just one hand. This leaves your other hand open to throw cornhole, play beer pong, high five your buddies or grab another drink:)
There are other plates on the market that are one hand style tailgating plates, but the Mingle Easy is the only plate (that I’ve seen to date) that can have your favorite college team logo on the center of the plate. That is what makes these a true tailgating plate, because now you can tailgate better and have your plates cheer your team to victory.
The Mingle Easy plates come in a 6 pack with your favorite team logo right in the center. They are great for tailgating, or at a party where there are no tables to place your food down.
The Mingle Easy also dominates the standard paper plates in a variety of ways:
-Hold your good and drink with one hand
-Has your favorite NCAA logo on the plate
-Reusable so you don’t have so much trash or cost of buying paper plates over and over. (Mother Nature will give you a high five)
-Dishwasher safe. I tested as I feared the logo would fade and after a few washes the logo still looks bright.
-Strong. These plates are much stronger than the standard paper plate, so no fear of them giving way and spilling your food. 

In testing these with beer cans, beer bottles and wine glasses they all worked with the Mingle Easy, but some worked better (watch the video below) The wine glass fits on this plate like a glove. If you drink wine this is the plate for you. I was impressed with that. Next up, the classic beer can came in second with how well it worked with the plate, as it will sit on top of the plate in the groove made for the can. Finally, the beer bottle was my least favorite to use with the Mingle Easy as it was not as secure as the other two and had more of a chance to fall or spill.

PROS: Holds drinks and food in one hand, reusable, dishwasher safe, has your teams logo
CONS: didn’t feel as confident with beer bottles in use.

Overall, if you eat and drink at the tailgate then you need these Mingle Easy plate. Do yourself and mother nature a favor, step up your plate game. Don’t just mingle…Mingle Easy.
Get your favorite team tailgating plates HERE

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