Mini Flip Cup Review

A part of the tailgating lifestyle is challenging your friends to some fun tailgating games. Many of you have played the classic drinking game: Flip Cup at a tailgate in the past, but now there is the super portable Mini Flip Cup edition that you can take and play anywhere.

The Mini Flip Cup game is the same principle as the regular sized game, in that its a relay race and the first team to finish first wins. For those that haven’t played before, you get a team of four to challenge another team of four. The game starts and the first person on each team drinks their drink and then has to flip their cup over upside down before the next person the team goes. This is repeated and the team that completes this first wins. Sounds simple, but flipping the cup perfectly can be an art.

The difference between the regular game and Mini Flip Cup is that instead of flipping the cup with your finger you have a spring like device attached to the Mini Flip Cup board that you use to flip the cup over. (Watch video below)

It can take some practice and you’re playing with a smaller board, so don’t let your cup fly off on the ground.

PROS: you can play on top of a cooler, a table or even a tailgate. The game is highly portable. Fun. Can play with your choice of alcohol.
CONS: The board is small so hard to always keep your cup on the board when flipping. This may be more challenging than the classic game (is that good or bad?) If you get beer/wine/liqour on the bottom part of the board it will not wipe off the same way as drink spilt on the top.

Overall, a fun game that you can easily pack to take to your next tailgate.
If you try this out we’d love to love to see you play in action and will even share on our social if you send in pics or videos.
You can order your own here:

*Remember NEVER drink and drive and always drink responsibly. 

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