Mogee Pong Game Review

Beer Pong is one of the most classic tailgating games EVER! It’s a fun game, but we know not everyone loves beer and we are in the age of innovation. With that said let me introduce you to Mogee Pong. This game keeps the basic principles of beer pong, but there will be no beer used in this game, only adult spirits. Now let’s get into the Mogee Pong Game Review.

Why Mogee Pong?

Taken right from the Mogee Pong website here is WHY!

MoGee Pong cups (*patent pending) have a unique, innovative design that is exclusive to this game.

In order to incorporate hard alcohol into MoGee Pong, we did not want to keep the cup as a standard 16 oz size drinking cup, as there is no clear way to consistently and safely measure a shot’s worth of alcohol, and we didn’t want players to over-do it! Safety first!

Instead of being an average 16 oz. plastic cup, filled with beer, we designed the MoGee Pong cup to hold a shot’s worth of hard alcohol (~1.5 oz.) while still providing a similar circumference of an average plastic drinking cup. This allows for the probability of a Ping-Pong ball landing into the MoGee Pong cup to be comparable to the original Beer Pong game.

Mogee Pong Game Play

Our Mogee Pong game arrived and it was time to PONG HARD! We were looking forward to a new way to play beer pong and Mogee Pong appears to fit bill here.

Mogee Pong comes with 3 pong balls and 12 Mogee Pong Cups. This is less cups than normal beer pong, but remember you are playing with adult spirits shots vs. beer.

We set the game up and started to PONG HARD! I quickly learned that this game may be more challenging than the classic pong game. There was miss after miss and I started to wonder about my true abilities with playing pong! Luckily, it wasn’t just me, but our other testers mentioned the same thing.

We did dial in a few shots and took a few shots out of the Mogee Pong Cup!

One thing that we’d like to see upgraded is the thickness of the cups. It appears these cups could become brittle and break/tear after a few hardcore games.

At the end we washed our Mogee Pong cups out and got them ready for the next game.


PROS: unique way to play a classic game, perfectly poured shots
CONS: tougher than normal pong, cups need to be a little more sturdy for long term use

Overall, this game is perfect for those that either don’t like beer, or really want to take the game of pong to the next level. We aren’t saying this will replace the classic game of beer pong, but I can see this catching on.

Learn more by visiting MOGEE PONG.

Remember to drink responsibly and NEVER drink and drive. We love to have fun but we do so safely and encourage all of our fans to do the same!

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Mogee Pong Game Video Review

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Written By: Luke Lorick 8/23/21

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