Mt. Olive Pickle Munchies Review

Did you know that pickles have been around for over 4,000 years!? I’ve always enjoyed pickles as they taste great and are a healthy snack item. Mt. Olive has been making pickles since 1926 and I’ve been buying their jars of pickles for years. They make a great pickle, but now they’ve made pickles that are ready for gameday. We tested out the new Mt. Olive Munchies to see if these are ready for the tailgate.

I connected with Mt. Olive Pickles on Instagram, as they wanted to get their new Munchies into the hands of tailgaters, so it was a match made in heaven. They asked if we would give our honest opinion on their new pickle packaging and see if it would get the Tailgating Challenge seal of approval. I got a delivery at the door and there were two large boxes of pickles of sitting there. I thought I would get a couple of the smaller packs to try out, but they sent me a full box of each flavor!

On a side note, they sent these a day before Halloween and I thought it would be both funny and kind of cool to pass a couple out to trick or treaters that came to my house on Halloween. While the kids didn’t seem overly excited the adults were PUMPED to get these Munchie packs of pickles. Note to self, adults really love pickles and this could be a future Halloween tradition.

Halloween Pickles

Pickles for Halloween

The flavors that come in the Munchies line up:

-Buffalo Kosher Dill Chips

-Kosher Petite Dills

-Bread and Butter Chips

-Kosher Dill Chips

This is a solid line up that brings the heat, the salt, and even the sweet, so you have something for everybody. I grabbed one of each of the pouches and then did a video with my initial thoughts on the Munchies.

The Buffalo Kosher chips have a nice heat flavor to them. It is not an overpowering spicy flavor, but just enough so you know that you’re having something a little different. I’m not normally a huge fan of spicy foods, but I’m digging this pickle. If you’re like me and a little worried about spicy foods, have no fear with this pickle. If you’re someone looking for that atomic, sign this waiver before you eat, pickle then this will not meet those expectations:)

Next up, I tasted the Kosher Petite Dills. These are the small pickles that that are different than the other Munchie packs as they are NOT in chip form. These were pretty good, but they ranked last in this line up of four pickle flavors. The consistency is not quite as crisp as the chips.

Moving on to the Kosher Dill Chips. These are similar to the previously mentioned pickle, but something about them being in a chip format made them taste better and more crisp during my taste test. These are a great classic dill pickle chip that are good to eat alone, or put on a burger.

Finally, the Bread and Butter Chips. These were the only pickle in the line up that had any calories. Side note, how do most pickles have NO calories? These bread and butter chips get the calories from the sugar that is used to make these pickles sweet. This was one of my favorite pickles in the line up.

Overall, it was hard to pick a favorite out of these, as each one brought something different to the party. It really depends on what kind of mood I’m in, which is why I think I should bring all three of chip flavors out to the next tailgate. I know that there will be something for everyone.

Other benefits of the Munchie Portable Pickles:

-The packs are resealable, so you can easily close them up and toss them in the cooler. 

-There is no glass that can break. In the past you’d bring a pickle jar, or have to take the pickles from the jar into a Ziploc bag.

-Did we mention these are a low to no calorie food. Tell me you don’t need some healthy foods at your tailgate:)

One thing to be alert about is that there is quite a bit of juice in these packs, so be careful or you could spill on yourself. This would be my only feedback item to Mt. Olive, as there has to be a way to have less juice in these packs, so its a cleaner pickle eating process for all the tailgaters out there. They even put a note on the packaging to use care when opening as the package contains liquid. I have a feeling there have been a few spills of the pickle juice.

Overall, I’m a huge fan of the Munchie portable pickles from Mt. Olive. There is a flavor for everyone, no glass that can break, and resealable bags. TAILGATING APPROVED.

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Written by: Luke Lorick 11/10/19

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