Mule 2.0 Review

Here at Tailgating Challenge we love fun new products that can fill the void. The Moscow Mule is one of my favorite drinks, but sometimes taking all the ingredients to the tailgate, or on the go, isn’t a viable option. The team at Mule 2.0 agrees and created the second coming of the Moscow Mule with the Mule 2.0

The Mule 2.0 takes the classic Moscow Mule and puts it all in a can. You can now toss some cans of Mule 2.0 into a cooler and head to the game with no mixing required. The Mule 2.0 comes in a 4 pack of 12 ounce cans and is 8% Alcohol by Volume.

Everyone still reading at this point is likely a fan of Moscow Mules and wants to know the most important part: how does it taste? We found out and did so live on camera to get very real reactions on the first sip. Check out the video (below) to see the reactions.

In my tasting of the Mule 2.0 I found that it was a pretty sweet rendition of the classic Moscow Mule. The sweetness gathered quite a reaction to one tester in the video (again you know my reviews are always real). I also enjoy bubbles and felt having a little more carbonation would help the overall user experience of the Mule 2.0. The Mule 2.0 would likely recieve rave reviews for those of you who enjoy sweeter drinks, but that person is not me. While I may not have cared for this drink, I know for a fact there would be contingent that would enjoy a sweet Moscow Mule. Add to that a Moscow Mule that they can take everywhere, because it is in a can and you have a winner!

PROS: It’s in a can!
CONS: pretty sweet taste and could use a little more carbonation

Overall, if you enjoy a sweeter tasting beverage and need the portability of a can, then the Mule 2.0 could be a great fit in your cooler this summer!

Learn more by visiting the MULE 2.0 Website

*Remember to enjoy responsibly and NEVER drink and drive. The opinions above are mine and your individual results may vary. 

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