Munster Mansion Waxahachie, TX

If you’re reading this then you are likely a follower of the cult classic: The Munsters. The Munsters started in 1964 and still has a strong following to this day. While I wasn’t alive when the Munsters originally were on the air, I still became a fan through watching their shows and the fun they had on camera. What is still surprising to me is that the Munsters was only 2 seasons long! They did have 70 total shows, but you would think something that is still followed so strong today would have had a longer run time.

I’m fortunate enough to live in a town that has the only real replica Munster mansion left for people to relive the Munsters, in all of their glory. Located in Waxahachie, TX their is a couple who actually built their home to be an exact replica of the home you saw on TV in the 1960’s and still today. By watching the shows over and over again they took copious notes and then acted on these by building a house that would make any Munster fan far more than proud.

Over the years, since they completed building, they have hosted numerous charity events and even had original cast members of The Munsters come back to visit this iconic home. Sandra and Charles McKee built this home and actually lived there for years (they have since moved to a nearby residence). Could you imagine living in the Munster’s mansion, full time?

I had the opporutnity to book a private tour to take a step back in time and get to know McKee’s and their passion for the Munsters. The tour started on a hot Texas afternoon. We pulled into their drivewaway and could immediately see how the outside of home also looked like the Munster mansion. We walked to the door and used the lion head door knockers to allow us to come inside. When you first walk in the staircase opens up and their pet comes out! They also have fog machines going and plenty of cobwebs to really give this an authentic feel.

Watch the video below to see a walk through of this home as I go room to room.  

We then went to living room where there is a life-sized replica of Herman along with original pieces from the show. The McKee’s continue to add original pieces from the show when they become available to buy. We then went to the dining room and then to the kitchen. Each room has detail that is amazing and I can only imagine the time and effort that went into completing this masterpiece.

From there we headed upstairs to see the bedrooms, the knight that spins around, and the secret passageways. There is a fireplace passageway from  Marilyns room to Grandpas room. Then in Eddie’s room there is a secret wall that you can open up and there is a walk through passage back to the hallway. On a side note I need to build some secret rooms and passageways into my next home, how awesome!

We came back downstairs and ended up in their memorabilia room where they had picutures, signs, toys, signed pieces and more all about the Munsters. There is also a small gift shop for those wanting something to take back to remember their time spent at the Munster home.

In speaking with the owners we also learned of strange sounds and things that continue to happen in this home, so much so that family members were scared to stay over night. As noted above, they have since moved out of living in this home. We asked why they thought the paranormal occurrences happened there as it was a home built from scratch. Mrs. McKee believes all of the old pieces of furniture could have a past that then came with the pieces into their home. Regardless, this is just one more unique thing about this already one of a kind mansion.

But wait, that is not all! To end the tour they pulled out the exact replica Munster mobile! This thing was amazing and very loud. They fired it up and you couldn’t hear anything except the growl of the engine. The only thing that would have made this better would be to take a spin in that sweet ride.

Overall, if you are a Munster fan and find yourself around the Dallas area, you should make the trip (schedule the tour in advance) to see the Munster mansion. You will not be disappointed.


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