Natty Light Peanut Review

Beer nuts have been a thing for years, but we haven’t seen a major beer brand bring out peanuts with their own beer used. That is until Natural Light and Planters Peanuts teamed up to bring out the Birthday Party Edition beer nuts.

The first question you may have is who’s birthday is it? If you remember to the Super Bowl in 2020 Baby Peanut took the stage and only a few short months later he has turned 21 (that is some fast aging!) and wants to celebrate with having Natty Light beer infused in his Planters peanuts.

Being an investigative journalist trying to learn and showcase new products, I knew this one sounded pretty cool. I love peanuts and beer, so seems like a match made in heaven. Now trying to get my hands on some. I couldn’t find them in any local stores and messages to Natural Light/Planters about getting my hands on some were never returned. I finally found them on and ordered 4 cans of these limited edition Natty Light Nuts.

They came in about a week later and it was time to get to tasting. I popped the top and took a deep whiff, I couldn’t smell any beer at first smell. They did smell good but I wouldn’t know, by smell alone, that there was Natural Light beer included in these peanuts. They had a hard glaze over the top of the nuts that was like a honey roasted peanut that met a candied peanut. Next up, we need to put these to the taste, but first lets look at the ingredients in the these Natty Nuts.




-Butter (cream, salt)

-Seat Salt

-Beer (contains barley)

-These Natty Nuts are NON-ALCOHOLIC

I popped one of these peanuts and it has some sweetness as first taste. Then I had a few more and they were really good. As I ate more of them and paused I recognized it, the aftertaste is Natty Light. If you’ve ever had a Natty Light then you likely know the flavor I’m talking about. While these, at first taste, may taste similar to some of nuts you may have tried, pay attention to that after taste flavor that is going to take you back to cracking a cold Natty Light at an early tailgate, before the big game.

We’d love to see a future collaboration with our favorite Natural Light beer: Naturdays! Adding some Strawberry Lemonade flavor to these nuts sounds like the perfect summer snack.

Learn more about this fun collaboration by visiting Natural Light and Planters Peanuts.


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We were NOT paid to create this review. Heck we even had to buy our own Natty Nuts:)

Written By: Luke Lorick 9/20/20

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