NewAir 126 Can Beverage Fridge Review

Are you a big fan of beer? Does beer take up too much space in your kitchens fridge? I’ve been there and knew I had to get a great mini fridge, so I could store all of my craft beer selections without fear of running out of space for my food. I got my hands on the Newair 126 can beverage fridge to find out if this could be the solution to your problems.

You heard correctly, this beer fridge can hold 126 cans of beer! That number is still staggering to me and in order to get this many beers into the fridge you have to use the slide out shelves in the smartest way possible. You can slide them in, or take them out to accommodate regular beer sizes, bombers, or crowlers.  The shelves have a lip on one side of them that I would recommend facing out, as this could help stop a beer from falling out and causing a party foul. You can see in the video below how the beer could fall out if you don’t heed this advice.

The exterior of this Newair fridge is onyx black and is a perfect canvas for you to showcase all of your brewery stickers. There is a glass front door that will allow you to see all of your drinks inside, so you can make the decision of what you’re going to drink before you open up the door.  Once you open up the door take a look up and see the light that you can cut on or off. It doesn’t  come on when you open the door, so you’ll have to make the decision if you want it on or off and it will stay that way until you flip the switch. The light does cast a nice glow on the drinks at night I call it beer ambiance.

When you’re turning on the light you’ll likely see the thermostat that has 7 different settings, so you can fine tune the temperature to the perfect degree.  7 is the coldest setting while 1 will be the warmest. The coldest we got this mini fridge was down to 34 degrees and the warmest was 61 degrees (1 setting). The beer coming out of this fridge on the coldest setting is ice cold and super drinkable.

This fridge weighs 63 pounds (with no beers in it of course) and it has a security lock, so you can keep the kids and those sketchy neighbors out of your stash.

The one thing this fridge is lacking is a digital thermostat as that would be a cool , no pun intended, feature to always know exactly how cold those 126 beers were.

Overall, I’m a fan of this Newair mini fridge, as it has 7 different cooling settings, LED lighting, and it can hold 126 beers. If you’re looking for a fridge to keep your beer collection ice cold then this could be for you.

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Newair did not pay us to create this review. They sent us one sample with the intent of getting our honest feedback.

Written by: Luke Lorick 6/27/20

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