Nima Gluten Tester

Did you know that almost 1% of the population worldwide has a gluten allergy!? This blew my mind, but when I met a good friend that was gluten sensitive it opened my eyes to a problem that I could have been contributing to, without even knowing it.

How many of you even know if the food you are serving your guests at your tailgating, or homegating event is gluten free? Do you have gluten free options? I had never thought about this, but I do now. One of the challenges with certain dishes is wondering: Is there any Gluten in this dish?

The answer may not always be clear, but if someone who is sensitive to gluten and has celiac disease this HAS to be known, or they will pay the consequences.  Celiac disease is triggered when someone eats gluten (which can be found in barley, wheat, rye and other grains) and can cause problems such as:

-Abdominal pain
-Bone or joint pain
-Weight loss

Its clear that this gluten is nothing to mess around with. I wondered aloud how can I know and help my friends that may have a gluten allergy and the answer was NIMA.

NIMA is a portable gluten testing device that you can keep in your pocket and test the food at your next tailgate to see if the food has gluten, or if the food is gluten free and ok to eat.

Using a NIMA is simple, you load the test capsule with a small portion of the food that is in question. There are ‘teeth’ in the capsule and you’re trying to fill these teeth up. Once loaded you twist the cap to seal the capsule and then load it into the NIMA tester. Press the go button and sit back and watch as the progress bar loads. It takes about 3 minutes to get the results.

If there is gluten in the sample it will say GLUTEN FOUND. If there is NO gluten found it will display a smiley 🙂 face and you know that you’re safe to eat.

This tailgating season make sure you are prepared to help those guests that have a gluten allergy. Get a NIMA sensor and never guess if something is safe to eat again.

Get your own NIMA test HERE



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