Nima Helmet Speaker

Football and music, two of the things I love the most! The Nima Helmet Speaker fulfills both of these loves all in one great looking football helmet.
The Nima Helmet Speakers come in your favorite college for pro football team and pack big sound in a small package.
The Nima Helmet that we were sent is the South Carolina Gamecocks edition (small size…they come in small, medium and large helmet sizes). The helmet looks great right out of the package and was super easy to set up. All you have to do is power on the Nima Helmet and then pair your phone with it to start rocking out in style.
The Nima Helmet can work over 60 feet away from the bluetooth source and did I mention, this has big sound even in their smallest version. The small version of the helmet weighs less than 2 pounds and is easily portable to your next tailgate.
The Nima Helmet is perfect for a tailgate as its portable, looks great supporting your team and pumps big sound out so you don’t drain your car battery listening to the stereo.

PROS: looks great, big sound(I’d love to hear the large version!), the small weighs under 2 pounds.  Battery can last over 10 hours!
CONS: Not sure how this would do if it started to rain or exposed to the elements.

Overall, this is the perfect addition to your tailgate as you can place it on your tailgating table and while it has the mild look of simply supporting your team, once the speaker kicks on the party will really start.
Get your favorite team by visiting their website:

*The opinions above are mine and mine alone. Your individual results may vary. 

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