Nostalgia 3 in 1 Breakfast Station

We have a device for everything in todays world, but if you’re like me reducing many of your devices into one could be great space saver. The team at Nostalgia Electrics sent us the 3 in 1 breakfast station and wow is it cool!
This portable unit can make 3 cups of coffee, has an open griddle on top for bacon/eggs/etc, and a toaster over. Talk about everything you need to make an amazing breakfast.
The coffee pot has a built in filter and comes with a coffee scoop too. The toaster oven works great….almost too great. If you’re not careful you’ll burn your toast, as it’s very efficient at what it does. The up top griddle has a enough space for multiple eggs and multiple pieces of bacon or sausage!
I fired this Breakfast Station up this weekend and had the coffee brewing, toast toasting, sausages grilling and eggs scrambling ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Check out the video below to see it in action.

PROS: All in one unit, perfect for small groups of people, toaster and griddle get plenty of heat to them to cook your food. Reusable coffee filter. You can pull the griddle top off for easy cleaning.
CONS: it does use a standard home outlet for power (Would be great if it used a battery pack or solar for those times you aren’t near a plug)
Overall, if you’re trying to have a compact unit that can do everything for breakfast then this is what you need. I think this would be ideal if you have an RV or even for breakfast in Tiny Houses. It can work for a variety of uses, how will you use yours?

Get yours today by just CLICK HERE

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