Nostalgia Homecraft On Tap Review

As you all know I love beer, so anything that can increase the overall beer drinking experience I’m interested in. I got my hands on the Nostalgia Homecraft On Tap system recently and wanted to share some of my thoughts on it and how it could help you too.

The Nostalgia HomeCraft On Tap system allows you to place mini kegs (such as the Heineken mini keg as seen in the video) or fill up the included bladder with a growler full of your favorite craft beer at your local brewery.

If you use the Heineken keg, its already pressurized, so its as simple as putting some water in the bottom of the Homecraft system and then sliding the mini keg in and attaching the line. If you fill up the bladder with your favorite craft brew you can add the the CO2 cartridge to the top of the Homecraft system to make your craft beer feel and taste just like it does when they tap it at your favorite brewery.

The Homecraft system can control the temperature of the beer and I was able to get the temperature down to 35 degrees. For me I want the coldest beer possible, without it freezing. It would be nice if the system could take it even lower in temperature. If you are using a CO2 cartridge there is also an adjusting knob at the top of the system that can adjust the pressure. As another side note, it would be nice to see the PSI of the system so you can adjust for the best pour possible.

In using the Heineken mini keg last we used the system all night and it maintain the temperature of 35 degrees until we floated the mini keg. The system worked great and gave a fun feel to pouring the beer that makes you feel like you’re in a bar.

Maybe the best part of this system is that it can keep the beer fresh up to 30 days! If you can resist not drining it all:)

PROS: allows you to bring your craft beer home and keep fresh up to 30 days.
CONS: wish it could get the beer closer to 30 degrees, PSI guage would be nice

Overall, if you bring local craft growlers home, then this system can increase your overall drinking experience. Cheers to that!

Get your Nostalgia Homecraft On Tap: HERE

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