Orca Tough Texture Chaser Review

Tumblers are everywhere nowadays and the more people that have them the more damage I see on these cups. We all have known someone to drop their cup, leave it on top of their car, or worse run over it with their car!?

Ok the last one may be a little drastic, but the team at Orca has heard your pleadings for building a tumbler that will stand up to LIFE like no other tumbler. Let me introduce you to the Orca Tough Texture Chaser. It was sparyed with a rugged non-skid protective coating over their stainless vaccum sealed tumbler. This coating allows it to take a beating and stays safely in your hand much better too.

On the surface, this cup will keep drinks so hot that I have to let them cool off so I can drink it, you know, the same day. It also does a great job at keeping drinks ice cold too! Thats great, but we need to further confirm just how tough this tumbler is, so time to put it through a few tests.

First a simple drop out of my hands = small scuff on tumbler.

Next knock it off a trucks tailgate = some dirt that is brushed off.

Football throw it 20 yards down the street! = small dent in bottom. We still haven’t cracked the coating or deformed the cup

Ok lets run over it with my Dodge Ram Full size truck:) Came out like a champ with a tire mark on it but the cup was till in one piece and not flattened or deformed. You have to watch the video.

PROS: keeps drinks hot and cold, non-skid grip, thing is TOUGH.

CONS: Slightly heavier than their standard stainless version

Overall, I had a lot of fun testing this out, but gained a new respect for the type of product this is. Somethings say tough on them, others demonstrate the meaning of the word.

Order yours HERE

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