Outlaw Soap Review

After a long day of tailgating things can get a little dirty and we need a soap that wash the dirt, sweat, beer and BBQ sauce off from a fun day of tailgating. Over the years there is only 1 soap that I have used my entire adult life and it rhymes with LOVE. When I saw a post on Instagram about a soap that smelled like fire, gunpowder and whiskey I knew I had to try it!

Outlaw Soaps aims to make soap fun again for the guys! There are plenty of soaps out there that smell like flowers, sweet treats and other things that ‘outlaws’ would not want to smell like. Outlaw Soaps has a line of soaps and other grooming products that create an all new user experience for the outlaw in your life. They sent us three of their top selling soaps to test out. I filled up the tub and jumped in to test each of these soaps out and give my honest opinion.  (See the Full Video below)

Outlaw soaps sent us the Blazing Saddles, Fire In The Hole and Hair of the Dog soaps to test out. They sent us some because they wanted to get our opinions and they ONLY allow humans to test their products. No animals are ever subjected to any testing or cruelty, I love that. These soaps are also made in the USA and offer a full money back guarantee, if you don’t love it!

Now let’s get down to the testing:

First up: Hair Of The Dog. This soap brings together scents of tobacco, whiskey and coffee…What a combination. I lathered up with some and took a big sniff and you can get a hint of all three of these scents. To me the coffee was the strongest smell with milder hints of whiskey and then coffee. This has one of the better overall smells of all the soaps tried in this test. I know some are thinking: Do I want to smell like tobacco and whiskey when I go into work? Again, the blended scents are balanced and sweet. You will not be mistaken for a chain smoking, drunk when going into the office:)

Next up: Blazing Saddles: This soap claims smells of leather, sandalwood, gunpowder, sagebrush, and campfire. This has a pretty cool look to the actual bar of soap when you remove from the package as well with three different segments of color with orange, yellow and maroon colors. While this soap sounded really cool in practice I couldn’t deal with the smell on this soap. It was literally so overpowering that even in the package you could smell it and I had to move it to a different room. The smell is very powerful and to me, was not as pleasant as the first soap tested.

Finally: Fire In The Hole: This soap claims smells of campfire, gunpowder, sagebrush, and whiskey. This was the coolest looking and sounding bar out of the bunch. The bar is like a tie dyed version of orange, yellows and reds. As I lathered up with this one I was digging the smell. It has an earthy, manly smell to it. It’s different than the first bar we tested (Hair of the Dog) as it doesn’t have the sweeter smell to it. This is currently the bar that I’m using in my shower, at the time of this article.

Again these were my opinions and your individual results may vary.

You can get these individually, or in a three pack. They also have other soaps like Mountain Hideout, Lust in the Dust, Home on the Range, and more.

If you’re tired of the same old, BORING soaps that you’ve been using your whole life then it’s time to bathe like an OUTLAW!

Get your own Outlaw Soap by visiting: https://liveoutlaw.com/

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Outlaw Soaps sent us soap to try with the intent to get our honest feedback. No monetary consideration was given for this review.

Written by: Luke Lorick 3/8/20

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