Oxx Coffee Boxx Review

Early morning tailgates can be tough to get your whole crew ready to party. From getting up way too early, to having too much fun the night before, you may need to help everyone get caffeinated! Taking any old coffee maker to the big game, could be a mistake. There could be broken glass from a dropped pot to someone dropping the entire maker and damaging it. You don’t have to worry about that any longer with the Oxx Coffee Boxx.

The Oxx Coffee Boxx is a straight up BEAST. At first glance it looks awesome. That is what attracted me to this product, I don’t even drink a lot of coffee, but come on there isn’t a cooler looking coffee maker, right? Aside from the looks the Oxx Coffee Boxx packs some rugged features that I will lay out below:

-weighs 12 pounds

-water and dust resistant

-replaceable water filter

-brews 3 different cup sizes (8oz, 10oz and 12oz)

-85 ounce spill-proof water tank

-impact resistant polymer shell

-crush-proof chassis to hold up to 1,500 pounds (watch the video to see how I test this)

-6 stainless steel tie-downs

-3 foot retractable 110V AC power cord

-works with all K-Cups

-easy grip rubberized handle

-removeable drip tray

When I got the Oxx Coffee Box in I pulled it out and was impressed with how it looked and how sturdy it appeared. I knew this was a special device, as you can have coffee outside the home and not worry about ever breaking anything! I filled up the water tank and slid it back into the container. I pulled the power cord out and connected it to a power source. I’ll stop right here and give my only constructive feedback on this product. If they found a way to make it battery powered, or solar powered this device would be perfect!

Once the Oxx Boxx has heated up it’s time for action. Put your mug, or tumbler under the spout, yes it can fit our tailgating sized tumblers, and push the size option of choice and watch as the nectar of the coffee gods is poured into your cup.

Did I mention that this thing can take a beating and is almost impossible to crush. I haven’t tested it by running over it with a truck yet (those that have watch me in the past have seen a few of these tests) but I did stand on top of the Oxx Boxx while it brewed. It sold me that it could have held much more weight and all the while it was working to pour out some hot coffee.

The Oxx Boxx is perfect if you love coffee and are away from the house. From tailgating to camping to construction job sites and more the Oxx Boxx is ready to keep you caffeinated! If you’re ready to experience the best looking and most rugged coffee maker in the game then click the button below!


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