P&P Imports Review

Watch out koozies…there’s a new drink holder in town.

I present to you The Can Grip, from P&P Imports.  It claims to keep your can cold and your hand warm and it does just that.  The Can Grip is a nifty gadget that is simple to use and gives the feel of drinking out of a mug right from the can.  You simply attach the top hook to the top of the can and then slide the bottom disc, which has two ridges for gripping, under the can and VOILA….your can is now a mug.  It took a few tries to get it properly attached the first time we used them but after that it was a piece of cake.  If you forget to attach the handle after you started drinking out of your can (like I did one time), it is a bit harder to attach the handle, put still manageable with a dent or two in the can.  A bonus with The Can Grip is that is also works as a coaster so no rings on the table. YAY!

Pros:  Keeps your hands warm and dry with the handle, easy to use, small enough to transport, comes in multiple colors, sold as a set for a reasonable price, product can be custom branded, comes in two sizes – 12 ounce and 16 ounce.

Cons: Hard to put on if you open the can first. Can’t slide in your back pocket like a koozie.

I used The Can Grip in a social setting and got lots of compliments.  Many people thought it was a clever idea and it is definitely a great alternative to the traditional koozie.  They are sold in sets of four so you and your friends can enjoy your next beverage in style.

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