Party Pal Trays Review

A tailgate is a big old party in the parking lot and with a party comes the need for the Party Pal trays that allow you to keep your hand free to do awesome things like eat, drink beer, play games and high five!

The Party Pal is a tray made by Arron Kelly that is a heavy duty tray that can hold your food, drink, napkins, utensils or maybe even your cornhole bags (see the video). The Party Pal has a hidden handle that you can hold and it will rest on your foream to securely hold your precious tailgating snacks! When not in use it can still sit flat on the ground/table without spilling your food.

The Party Pal comes in a variety of colors so you can be game day ready. When I used the Party Pal the one thing I really liked was how sturdy it felt on your arm. You can really load it up and it’s not going to fall or flip over. I put numerous corn hole bags on the Party Pal and could feel the weight, but it never felt like it would lose the cargo!

The Party Pal can help in a variety of tailgating situations, especially when there is no table to place your food on. The Party Pal is a little bigger/bulkier than other “all in 1” plates that I’ve used, but in my opinion its likely the most functional.

PROS: sturdy plate that is very functional, comes in a variety of colors, one of the best “all in 1” plates I’ve used.

CONS: doesn’t come with the ability to add a team or business logo

Overall, if you tailgate and need a free hand then let the Party Pal lend you a hand.

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