Pizza Pocket Hoodie Review

People love hoodies and they love pizza, so it only makes sense to combine the two, right? The Pizza Pocket Hoodie adds an insulated pizza pocket to the hoodie, so you can always have your favorite food at your fingertips. Let’s dive deeper into the Pizza Pocket Hoodie Review.

The team at Scraptown USA had the vision of this very unique hoodie, as they had a love of pizza and staying warm. I know you’re likely thinking at this point either this is crazy, or one of the coolest ideas you’ve heard. When I first saw this I had a range of emotions about what I was seeing. I do fall into both camps in that I love pizza hoodies, but wasn’t sure about combining them together. Only one way to find out, lets get a pizza hoodie and put it to the Tailgating Challenge.

Pizza Pocket Hoodie Testing

When I first tried to get a Pizza Pocket Hoodie I learned that these were so popular that they only had size Small and Medium left! I was even more intrigued at the sales. I knew these would not fit me, but I got a medium to have my friend help us out with learning more about this pizza hoodie.

The blue pizza pocket hoodie came in with a large slice of pizza in the center of the hoodie and this is where the magic happens. At the top of the pizza is a zipper that you can open up and find the pizza pouch. The pizza pouch is where you slide your pizza into and then you place this into the hoodie.

The pizza pouch needs to rinsed out before use. This pouch helps keep the grease and toppings from getting all over your hoodie and it provides a level of insulation to your pizza.

We got a big slice of New York style pizza and put it into the pizza pocket. This is where we learned our one item of feedback: larger slices of pizza fit, but won’t allow the pizza pouch to fold over and close(there are magnets to help seal it). We were able to still slide this in the hoodie and took it on the road, eating bites of pizza at various breweries we visited that afternoon.


Pros: fun styling, holds your pizza in the most unique way possible

Cons: larger pieces of pizza may not fully fit in the pizza pouch to fold over

Areas of Opportunity: additional colors (currently black and blue only), thumb holes in hoodie sleeve and make this a HEATED hoodie to have heat on demand for your pizza. We know a few companies that do some awesome heated gear. I see a future collaboration.

Overall, this is an interesting hoodie that garnered quite a bit of attention, as we made our way around the city. This can also hold other warm food items, so you can think more broadly than just pizza. It could also be called the FOODIE HOODIE! If you love hoodies and pizza this could be your next hoodie.

Learn more and get your own Pizza Pocket Hoodie HERE

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Pizza Pocket Hoodie Review Video

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Written By: Luke Lorick 2/27/21

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