Pop A Top Bottle Opener Review

There are so many ways to open up a bottle, but few are as simple as the Pop A Top Bottle Opener.

The Pop a Top Bottle Opener is a small hand help device (no batteries needed) that you push down over the top of the bottle cap and then pull up. The Pop A Top Bottle Opener even has a small magnet on the back to catch the bottle cap as it pops off.

The trick to using the Pop a Top Bottle Opener is to ensure you have pushed it all the way down. You will here a clicking noise when it has been pushed down fully. You then simply pull up and watch the cap come off. It really is that easy.

The Pop A Top Bottle Openers come in different colors and can even be customized with a company logo (great way to build your brand because everyone loves a great bottle opener)

PROS: fun, easy, able to customize. ability for it to catch the bottle the cap

CONS: The magnet that catches the bottle caps could be a little bigger as there are times when it misses the bottle cap.

Overall, this is a fun way to open your drink and a great way to get your business into potential clients hands.

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