POW Audio MO Expandable Speaker Review

Bluetooth speakers are all the rage. It used to be you had to listen to your cars stereo system, or bring a big clunky system to pump some tunes at the tailgate, no longer. We may have found the perfect portable speaker with big sound given some unique technology they have implemented. Meet the POW Audio MO Expandable Speaker and let’s show you why this speaker is special.

The POW Audio MO speaker is the first speaker that can actually expand and collapse. You may ask why would anyone care about this? The extra air space this creates for the speakers helps give deeper bass and better overall sound. I think back to when I had subwoofers in my vehicle and you had to have enough air in the box to get the full potential out of these speakers. The ability for these POW Audio speakers to expand and then collapse help give the best of both worlds. You get better sound when they are expanded and when you’re done you collapse and they can fit in your pocket.

Let’s look at some of the features these speakers offer:


-Ability to Sync two MO speakers together for surround sound

-Water resistant (not water proof although they did awesome in our water test!)

-Magnetic back

-8 hour play time

-Click Wallet included that can allow the speaker to be attached to anything you want

We got one of each of the colors available in to test. They come in both SNOW and GRAPHITE. To turn them on simply hold the power button. Then click the bluetooth button and it will make it available for your phone to link up to. Once you pair the first one you will hold the bluetooth button for 3 seconds on the one you paired and the light will go from blue to green. Once it turns green tap the bluetooth button on the second POW Audio MO and they will then SYNC and say United.

Once they are paired you can play music to each speaker and have them in different areas to get a more surround sound feel. You can currently only Sync two of these POW Audio MO speakers together. As we turned the sound up we were impressed with crisp highs and deep lows. For the size of this speaker it is pretty impressive.

The POW Audio MO is water resistant and not waterproof, so don’t fully submerge these speakers in water. They will handle some rain or water coming down on top of them. We were pretty aggressive with pouring water on these and all they did was keep blasting and shooting the water off the speaker due to the bass the speakers were producing. It was actually really cool to watch and of course it is in the video below. Again, disclaimer don’t toss these in the pool or fully submerge as they could have issues.

Overall, this POW Audio MO has the best balance of size and sound of any speaker we have tested so far. If you want a speaker that can fit in your pocket and still rock the party, then the MO could be for you.

Learn more and get your own by visiting POW AUDIO


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We never get paid for our reviews. This way we can keep it real with you. We were sent these two samples to test out with the understanding we would give our honest feedback.

Written By: Luke Lorick 9/10/20

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