PowerSmart Invertor Generator Review

Every tailgate needs power and in this Tailgating Challenge we bring you the PowerSmart 2500 watt Invertor generator. One of the big downfalls of most generators is not the amazing power they create, but the noise pollution they bring to the tailgating party. This PowerSmart generator is said to help reduce the noise that bugs so many tailgaters. Now onto the PowerSmart Invertor Generator Review.

PowerSmart Generator Features

-2500 watts peak power/1900 watts running power

-ECO mode for quieter tailgating

-Can run in parallel with another unit for double the power

-39 pounds / 19” L x 13” W x 20” H

What Did We Think?

While we know that every tailgate needs some power, one of the pain points is listening to the drone of generators across the parking lot. When I hear there is a new generator that brings the noise level down then I’m all ears (sorry had to).

When giving you my review of this PowerSmart 2500 watt generator I’ll focus on portability, power, and the gameday experience factors.

This unit tips the scales, with no gas/oil, at 39 pounds and is one of the lightest generators that I have tested to date. It has an easy carry handle to allow you to get it to and from your destination with ease.

This generator packs 2,500 watts of power for your tailgating goodies. It has dual USB plugs, dual 120V AC plugs and a 12V DC outlet. We were able to charge phones, use air fryers, heaters and more; all at the same time. These units also have the ability to run in parallel to double the power for even more tailgating goodies. We weren’t able to test the parallel feature out in this testing.

Now let’s talk about the decibels and noise of this unit. As stated, hearing loud drones of generators is not my favorite part of the tailgating party and this unit has an ECO mode button to help minimize the noise. After cutting on the ECO mode I can say that it is not as loud as many generators I have heard. While it is quieter than most I’d still love it to be a little quieter. I know with gas powered generators there will be some sound, but I’m a dreamer.

One other Pro Tip if you have trouble starting the unit hit the reset button.


PROS: eco mode, lightweight, able to power multiple different devices, can be used in tandem for double the power
CONS: While quieter than many generators would still like it even quieter

Overall, if you’re looking for a gas-powered generator this one brings the power, less noise and lighter weighn than similar generators in its class then it’s time to power up with PowerSmart.

Learn more and get your own by visiting POWERSMART.

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Written By: Luke Lorick 1/6/24

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