Pro Glow Sports Review

One of our favorite games to play at a tailgate or just in the back yard is cornhole, or bagtoss to some. The problem, especially with shorter days, is that it gets dark early and with the setting of the sun comes the end of the game.

There are starting to be some unique products out there to help you play your favorite game all night long.

The most recent product we were able to test was from Pro Glow Sports. They have designed what I call a cornhole LED border that outlines the cornhole board with lights.

The kit comes with two separate pieces. They say one is for each board, but if you want to fully wrap one board you will need to use both of the included light strips.

The install is pretty easy as you attached some double sided velcro around the outside of the board and the light strips clip in. The battery pack takes 3 AA batteries, but they are included, which is great. The battery pack easily attaches with double sided velcro tape underneath your board.

Once installed and the sun sets these really help to light up the board and look pretty cool in my opinion.

PROS: look great once installed, comes with batteries, easy installation

CONS: Needs to make a single kit that will wrap BOTH of your boards with the lights and not just half of the board. To wrap the entire board it takes 6 batteries to power so if you do both boards that’s 12 batteries. These two items are things that can help take a good product and make it great.

Overall, I like the idea and them Pro Glow Sports kit look great. If they work out a few of the things mentioned above this product will only get better.

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