Pull Start Fire Review

Everyone loves a good fire, but starting one can be a pain. From wind to wet wood there are various obstacles to starting the perfect fire. Starting a fire at home it is not a matter of life and death, but if you’re off the grid making a fire could be paramount to your survival. We found the Pull Start Fire that starts your fire with the pull of a string! Now it is time to learn more about this survival tool in our Pull Start Fire Review.

The Pull Start Fires came 3 individually wrapped units in a box. They claim that they can withstand 200mph winds and will still light wet wood. The claim sounded too good to be true, so we decided to put the Pull Start Fire to our Tailgating Challenge.

Features of Pull Start Fire

✓ No matches or lighters
✓ No kindling
✓ Lights wet wood
✓ Windproof and Rainproof
✓ Burns for over 30 minutes
✓ Multiple built-in safety features
✓ Satisfaction guaranteed
✓ Each Firestarter is 1”x2”x5” and weighs 4 oz.

Product Testing

Before starting to use your Pull Start Fire they recommend building a wood frame around the pull start fire with your logs. You’ll then hook the green string onto one of the logs and pull the red string to activate the Pull Start Fire magical powers.

We got ours set up, initially with dry wood, to see how easy it was to use. I pulled the red string and you hear a pop. Then smoke starts rolling out of the Pull Start Fire box. After about 7 seconds we saw the fire starting to come out of the Pull Start Fire. As the fire burned it lit the logs that were around it. Pretty dang cool!

This was one of the simplest ways I’ve ever lit a fire, but now lets step it up and see how the Pull Start Fire did with the wet test. This is where I feel this product will really earn the seal of approval. I packed snow in the fire pit and pushed the Pull Start Fire in. I pulled the red rip cord and pop the fire was going! The fire continued to burn on top of the snow for approximately 30 minutes.

Wind and snow were no match for the Pull Start Fire and I came away impressed. The Pull Start Fire lived up to exactly what it claims. Trust me not all products can do that.


PROS: lights wet fuel, windproof, easy to use, you can cook over it after the smoke clears from the initial pull

CONS: our first sample was a dud, but Pull Start Fire has excellent customer service that took care of the issue and confirmed 99% reliability with their products.

Overall, the Pull Start Fire passed our Tailgating Challenge with flying colors and you can bet I’m keeping one of these in my hiking pack for emergency situations. It will also be used during our homegating and tailgating parties to impress our guests when I say “bet I can start a fire with no flame…”

You can learn more and get your own by visiting PULL START FIRE

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Written By: Luke Lorick 3/2/21

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